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Interior Design

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Modern Style | 現代風格

Modern Style can be thought of as a spectrum, rather than as a single of defining style. 

It encompasses both the bright and bold designs in the market that with ultra-minimalist furniture at the same time.

All of the designs are inspired by bold colors used in abstract art.

現代風格 配色以中性、低飽和、高透明度及明顯對比色系為主,將市場上明亮大膽的顔色設計和極簡主義的家具融為一體,著重感覺,更顯個人獨特風格。 

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Extraordinary and out-of-the-box paint colour schemes spark a sense of the times, match with bright tones. Incorporate contrasting colours into spaces that perk up the mood.

破格色系加添時代感 | 配色以鮮色襯托 | 將明顯對比的顏色融入室內